Dig While You Wait…then just keep diggin’


Sometimes disappointing things happen and you just have to think back to all of the disappointments in life that turned out for the very best. We are doing that with as much enthusiasm as possible right now. And…we are deciding to dig while we wait.

You see, a month or so ago, Kathy and I bought shovels. We were having a little meeting at a cute little coffee house in the town that we were both born in….and we knew for sure that it was time to make some concrete goals about growing Brave Girls Club. We KNOW we’ve got to get our own retreat center near our homes so that we can start hosting a few retreats a month as well as day retreats…4 retreats a year is just NOT enough…we have enough of a waiting list to do at least one a month, so we have GOT to have our own place down here in the valley and we’ve got to get to work just DOING IT…….we have NO IDEA how this will be accomplished. But, when the meeting was over….we just decided that we would go down the street to the hardware store and buy ourselves each a shovel…and we decided that ONE YEAR FROM TODAY, we will use these shovels to break ground on our new retreat center. The details would come together somehow…..we know this from the way all of it has happened…..the shovels would be a visable act of faith to show our belief in what we are doing.

So we did it, we bought some shovels.

Well, immediately little miracles started to happen. Life works like that…you take one step in faith and a thousand steps are taken toward you and your goal. It is very cool.

Well, that following week….we quickly decided, based on our huge waiting list for our sold-out camps, and on the hundreds of emails we get each week about how badly so many dear women want to come to camp….AND the fact that we just WANT TO DO THIS…….that we could not wait a year.

So we decided to look for a place NOW.

So we did.

The next day, on Craigslist,

We found a perfect place.


We met with the owner…everything was a go.

The place did not need to be built…it was already built.

The owners loved the idea. They wanted to sell it but did not yet have a buyer, so they agreed to lease it to us until we could buy it.

Get this…the owner’s name is ART. ART!!!!!!!!!!! (meant to be, I tell ya)

We decided that we would use our shovels to plant flowers instead of break ground on building our own place. It is the perfect time to plant bulbs for Spring…..so that would be the new job of the shovels…

We would plant thousands of flowers around this perfect place, which we had already named BGC Restoration Ranch.

Another thing happened a few days later…I had purchased a cool vintage alphabet on Ebay….and that week…..I got the package in the mail….and with it…THIS thank-you card….from a total stranger who knew nothing of me…..I was collaging my shovel when I opened this card……

I mean…seriously…LOOK! A shovel! A butterfly!!! And our numbers…the date we had chosen for our Soul Restoration class…..1/11/11 AND THEN JUST READ THE VERSE.


So…it all was working out PERFECTLY…all signs pointed to YES YES YES!!!  We were planning to sign papers yesterday. We were thrilled. Everyone involved was thrilled….our children were jumping up and down and everyone we know could not wait to go see it after we signed the papers. We had tons of volunteers to paint, redecorate and get the place ready. Our shovels were happy and ready. We were OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!! It felt so right!!!!

I drove past the place yesterday morning and sat and stared at it. Then I drove a mile away and sat in the parking lot of a drugstore and wrote in my journal. I waited there for the call that it was time to go and  sign the papers.

WHAT A MIRACLE that this is happening a year early!!

The phone rang and it was Kathy and she said….”I don’t have good news…”


“A cash offer just came to the table and they are taking it……so, we are out of the running…..the deal is off….”



Well, then I just felt a calm peace…reminds me of the way I felt earlier this year when I got the same kinda phonecall….huge and devastating and confusing disappointment over something that I thought was certain…something that we prayed and wished for and felt like was ABSOLUTELY right for our family. But, it wasn’t. The whole story is on my personal blog HERE.

Well……that was yesterday. This is today.

Today I collaged the photos of all of the Brave Girls that have ever come to camp on my shovel. I will soon be filling it with many more faces of others who have written letters….the people who make us want to do this so badly….the women who believe so dearly in this dream…and all of us who NEED this. I Mod Podged lots of “truths” on there too..

But……my shovel does not want to wait. It doesn’t want to sit there doing nothing….it has work to do….work it wants to do.

Might not be the work that I was hoping for at this moment…..

But, while we are waiting for what we hope, wish and BELIEVE will happen someday….why JUST wait????…why not wait while doing things we CAN DO.

Today I will go and buy flower bulbs that I will use my shovel to dig holes that will hide them under the earth and soon under snow and ice…and in the Spring they will magically appear as flowers….even though I won’t be able to see all of the cool stuff that is happening underneath.

You see, I have really been thinking about this.

The soil is there, it is ready to be planted. It is time to plant what needs to be planted right now. The soil is ready because it has been made fertile with all of the compost of my life……just like yours is. Your mind and your heart hold this incredible soil that is ready to be planted…sometimes you are in the phase where it’s being made ready….and it is surprising just what it is that made that soil so rich and ready.

See……my compost…the scraps and waste of my life has been put deep into the soil and now it’s rich and fertile….just like a field or a garden that has been filled with fertilizer and compost that was made from things that we thought were nasty and stinky trash….it is going to be used to make the seeds grow…whatever we plant there, it will be ready to grow. You see how cool this is…how cool life is…that it takes all of this stuff that most people call trash and waste, and it is the very thing that puts the nutrients back into the soil so that whatever we plant there will grow and thrive?

So…we can’t break ground. We can’t plant flowers at our own place yet….we CAN plant lots and lots of other things. And we will.

My challenge to you today is to go buy a shovel. Buy a shovel for that big dream and that big plan that you have in mind. Make it pretty…….then, while you are waiting…USE THAT SHOVEL to plant goodness wherever you go. DON’T WAIT for the big day…..because you will be able to plant so much while you wait…you’ll plant things that will grow in ways you could never have imagined.

And..someday it will be time to break ground. I hope that the shovels will be worn and used and clinked and dinged and in need of sharpening…………..because that’s what shovels are for.

AND……..we will invite you with your shovel to come and help us break ground someday….WHEN IT IS TIME. WHEN IT IS TIME. WHEN IT IS TIME. That is when it will happen. So….please get your shovels ready, you are invited. If you are in need of our shovels in the meantime, we will be ready to use them……

Lots of planting will be happening every day, THAT I promise.

Keep on diggin’, really nothing is more important than that.