Today we worked hard with the intention of completely finishing the set-up of the supply room in the art barn…….we got reeeeeeallllly far, but not quite done. It was a super fun day because of the super-fun people who showed up to sort, organize and artfully arrange every art supply under the sun…’s Maria and Lisa putting up rolls of fabric in rainbow order….when they were done, it looked ohh-sooooo-beautiful….

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the amazing girls of BGC???? Have I ever mentioned how much they believe in YOU and in everything we are all doing together?? Well…they do…..sooo so sooo much……..they spend tons of time making everything perfect for everyone who comes to camp….and for the videos we make for our online courses….and pretty much everything we do….these are all girls who you would be instant friends with for sure after one afternoon…..our hope is always always always that somehow we will get to meet you in person someday and spend some time with you all……..that’s why we are working so hard on the ranch to make it so anyone who wants to do so can come to camp and spend a week with us…..

In other news…….my peonies are finally blossoming…I know it seems late for that…but it was worth the wait. SO MANY of the flowers are starting to blossom and just going crazy with colorful blooms…… is so absolutely beautiful out here…..can’t wait for the first tomatoes from the garden….for now I am totally in love with these gorgeous blossoms….

Hope you had the most wonderful day! We are just BARELY wrapping up for the day and it is almost tomorrow already. Tomorrow we have a whole lot of stuff planned……never a dull moment around here!!!!! Sending you all so much love! xoxo