WOOOHOOOO!!! Guess what we’ve been doing for the last month!?!?! (and guess what is a total blast???)

3pm Dance Parties!!!

We want to invite you to participate in the fun!!! (and you can be in a movie to show all of your friends and family!!!)

Here’s the simple steps:
1. Send us a video of you dancing… having the time of your life… make it 2 minutes or less.

2. Grin as you think about us watching it at the Brave Girl Clubhouse, giggling and having a blast with you

3. See yourself in a montage of Brave Girls and their families dancing from all over the world!!!

4. Send your video to bgc3pmdanceparty@bravegirlsclubs.com


SEE!!! It’s EASY!!!!!!!
Use your camera, use your phone, use your webcam!!! Just do it!!!!!

and have a BLAST!!! Let’s all join together at 3pm and show the world how to have fun!!!!

p.s. I am personally BEGGING YOU to join along!!!!!!!! I want to have fun with you! I LOVE FUN!!!