Dear Amazing Soul,

Life isn’t easy….but you are made for it.

You are so far beyond what is needed to not only get through all of this, but to completely ace it…all of it.
You might skin your knees, you might spell something wrong, or add something wrong. You might choose the wrong place at the wrong time. You might choose the wrong person. But, all in all, you are going to ace this.

So…today, if there are tears…just cry harder til the tears are all done falling. If you are scared, let your hands shake and your heart beat fast. If you are mad, hear yourself out….tell yourself your side of the story and even throw a little fit if you must.

And then go out and do the right thing. Go out and do the best thing. Go out and do the noble thing. Go out and do life YOUR WAY. Go out and hold your head up high and try again…and again and again. Because that’s what humans have to do, just keep trying new things, new ways…experiencing new discoveries.

brave living - brave girls club - keep going
And while you’re at it…enjoy every minute of it. Laugh at your mistakes. Give yourself some grace. Let someone kiss your owies or kiss your own owies if that’s what you’ve got to do.But don’t let anything stop you from what you feel called to do….don’t let skinned knees or mean people or intimidating competition or chubby thighs or fears from past experiences stop you….don’t let ANYTHING stop you.

You’ve got a really beautiful life to live…now go and do it. Ready, set….go.

You are so very loved.