Dear Valuable Soul,

You know you are just as valuable as everyone else, don’t you dear soul? Surely you know that everything good and true and beautiful is meant for you, just as it is meant for every other person that we share this world with.

You know that you are important and valuable, right?If not, beautiful friend….how could it ever be true that it is not for you….how could there ever be some whom love and kindness and goodness are meant for, and others that it is not meant for?

Things happen that bend and break parts of us….and sometimes lies creep into those cracks and holes.

If there is anything that ever made you think for a moment that you are not just as worthy, just as valuable and just as important as anyone else…..please understand that this is just a worn out old story that simply is not true. 

 Let the light back in, let the love back in. You can heal.

You are so valuable, irreplaceable and loved.