Dear Valuable Soul,

Chances are, most of us in our last moments would want so badly to make sure that the people we love most know that our love for them is absolute, and their value is absolute…no matter where they are in life, no matter what they have achieved or not achieved, no matter what.

How can that not also be absolutely true for you, too?

You are already valuable. If there was a time or an experience in your life that made you feel otherwise, you must go back and make sure that you know for sure that an experience or time in your life cannot make you less valuable.

If words were spoken to you that made you feel unworthy or unvalued or unloved, make sure you tell yourself the truth… that no words coming out of anyone’s mouth, including your own, can ever take away your value.

If you made mistakes, you are still just as valuable as you were before you made the mistakes…but now you have even more wisdom because of those mistakes.

Believe the words that you would say if you had one last message to give to those you love most…

…because those words are true for you too.brave living - you are loved

You are worthy, you are valuable and you are loved. It’s the simple truth.

Yes…you are so very very loved.