Dear Courageous Soul,

Don’t you think for a minute that you are weak when it feels like life is a battle.

These are times that teach us, strengthen us, test us and show us what we are made of.

Life is not out to get us but rather to teach us. Life is not working against us but absolutely for us.

It’s true that life hands out some really tough love, but if we take it as love and return with love, openness and faith in the journey, miracles happen.

brave living - brave girls club - you will get through this

It is okay to feel weary sometimes. It is okay to cry and even to shout at the sky. It is okay to throw fits when we are at our wit’s end. The important thing is that we keep those fits short, make them count, and then move on – move forward, keep moving, keep learning, keep hoping, keep believing, keep smiling.

You are so very loved.