Dear Cherished Soul,

Life passes by so fast…..and often we don’t recognize life-altering moments until long after they have happened. Often we let things pass by with our faces glued to screens and our minds on the future or on the past.

Take some time, beautiful friend, to create a snapshot in your mind that you will be able to recall later with vivid detail. Stop a few times each day and think about the way things look, the way things smell, the way things sound, and the way things feel. Look at who you are with and where you are standing…think about the circumstances that brought you to exactly where you are in that moment….then tell yourself that you will never forget this moment….because it will never happen again in just that way.

If we all could take a few moments each day to do this…..even if only once a day….life would feel so full, so rich, so beautiful….we would feel at peace and so grateful. This is what it means to “live in the moment” or to “be present”.

Take some time to practice….it’s a beautiful way to live….and you really really really deserve a beautiful way to live, sweet friend.

You are so very loved.