Dear Beloved Soul,

Here’s the thing…you are beautiful and wonderful and becoming…and no matter what’s happened, everything is going to be okay.


Chances are, you’ve got some messes in your life that still need a bit of cleaning up….we all do, believe it or not.

Whether you’ve got a post-tornado linen closet, or a secret chocolate addiction or a few secret stories from your past that you are afraid of others seeing…’s really important to drain your secrets of their poison so that they can lose their power.

It’s not the secrets that are hurting you…it’s what you tell yourself about the secrets…that if anyone knew them, you wouldn’t be lovable…and that because you have these secrets, you aren’t worthy of anything good…that as soon as you are “discovered” for “who you really are” that it’s all going to come crashing down.

Dear soul……dear dear dear soul. This stuff is a lie. It really is.

No matter what you have or have not done, no matter what has happened to you….you are a beloved soul worthy of love and respect.


If you’ve got some poison secrets…bring them out into the light…take their power away….drain them of your poison. Let them just be stories from your life that taught you, shaped you and gave you wisdom. You get to be who you are. And you get to do better every day. We are all growing, learning and becoming every day.

You are so very loved.