Dear Striving Soul,

There is this time, this space between not anymore and not there yet…that middle space…that space where it’s hard to keep going, it’s hard to keep perspective and it’s hard to keep a smile on our faces.

This is an important time and a confusing time. It’s a time that’s hard to measure and hard to see when it will end. It’s a time that calls for more bravery than ever before.

If you are weary, beautiful soul…know that it’s okay to stop and rest. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to cry when you are in between here and there.

brave living - the middle - keep going 2

It’s okay that you want to quit.

It’s just very important that you don’t quit.

It’s okay to spend some time thinking about quitting and then spend even more time NOT quitting.

But when you are weary it’s okay to have a break in the middle somewhere, and then remember where you are headed and get going toward where you belong.

And you are so very loved.