Dear Learning Soul,

Sometimes we forget who and what our greatest teachers are, and we let the lessons beat us down, discourage us or make us feel forgotten (instead of seeing the lessons for what they are and recognizing how strong and wise and phenomenal the teachers are helping us to become).

Even so, sometimes we would like to punch the teachers in the face. 🙂

Our greatest teachers often come in the form of difficult people, painful experiences, tragic accidents, devastating illnesses, confusing losses and big time disappointments. Knowing that these parts of life are great teachers with great lessons certainly doesn’t make them easy to endure, sweet friend…but knowing can help us move forward through it all.

Just know, beautiful soul, that hard times are not there to punish you, or because you deserve to be hurt, or because you have been forgotten. Hard times are simply are part of life for everyone. We each have things we need to learn, we each have different teachers, we each have different lessons. Each lesson makes you even more brave, more phenomenal, more YOU.

And you, dear friend, are as phenomenal as they come.

Keep up the great work. Keep learning. You are gonna be one smart cookie.

You are so very very very loved.