Dear Determined Soul,

We are all so funny about excuses, aren’t we? We are so clever at thinking up all of the reasons in the world for why we can’t start, why we can’t continue, why we can’t stop, why we can’t show up, why we can’t do all of things that we know for sure will lead us to all of the things we want most.

What if we took the time we spent thinking of excuses and put it into taking baby steps toward our goals? SO many things can be accomplished from taking little steps every single day, consistently. All of us can make baby steps, can’t we? We can all do little things that lead us onto the right path, even things as small as writing out plans and dreams.

When we are busy taking baby steps, there’s really no time left to make excuses. As soon as we are done making excuses, the good stuff starts to happen.

You are so much stronger than you realize, beautiful friend.

You are so much more capable. You are so much more ready and are so much more wonderful than you realize.


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So let’s throw the excuses out the window today, ok?
No more holding back. Let’s do it. It is time.

You can do it.

You are loved, big time.