Dear Warrior Soul,

You get to decide what your boundaries are. You have the right to guard your heart and your mind from the hurtful words and actions of others. You get to discern whether your interactions with them are in a spirit of kindness, love and best interest.

Broken people often have broken beliefs and say broken things. Broken people are also often addicted to reactions, and they will do and say anything to feed their need for reactions from you and others.

We can love others without letting their words and actions affect us, and we must…or broken people really can break us.
brave living - brave girls club - you get to decide what comes in
If it doesn’t feel like kindness, if it isn’t going to make you a better person, if it doesn’t feel like love…reject it, let it go, close your ears, walk away.Protect yourself. And let’s protect each other, too.

You are so very loved, it’s true.