Dear Spectacular Soul,

The best things are not afraid of your awesomeness, of your beauty, of your brilliance. The best things are not afraid of your mistakes, your fears or your weaknesses.

The best things love the whole of you. ALL OF IT.

The best relationships love you in all of your truth…..the good, the bad, even the ugly. The best relationships want all of it, because it is part of YOU. The best jobs love the whole of you…and even can utilize your feistiness and your brilliance and your weird ideas and can always forgive your bad days…because they are part of you.

Beautiful friend…please don’t settle for someone or something that is afraid of how sparkling you are because it makes them seem smaller. Please don’t put up with someone or something that belittles the things about you that you are struggling to overcome.
People can make others feel small about their strengths and weaknesses both…anyone or anything that has the intention of making you feel small should not be allowed in your life.


THE BEST people, the best relationships, the best situations…they celebrate you where you are strong and sparkling and they help you and encourage you where you are weak and struggling.

YOU ARE SO VERY LOVED…where you are sparkling and where you are struggling…all of it. ALL OF YOU.