My life has been a journey requiring courage…Unquenchable determination, resilience, and grit to achieve extraordinary goals.

I have always found that when I combine art with a purpose, I can change lives. As a young wife and stay-at-home mother, I started Chatterbox, a supplier of upscale scrapbooking supplies: eight years later it was a multimillion-dollar international success.

Just when I thought my life was on solid ground, my husband suffered a devastating brain injury, and we lost our business and our home, and I lost my confidence and joy. I was scared and did not know how to move forward; I felt alone and powerless. This led me to start Brave Girls Club and create Soul Restoration, to be a voice in the darkness for other women going through difficult experiences.

The results were so effective and overwhelming that we created an online community and university, where thousands of women all over the world have utilized my courses and tools to celebrate life or to help them through life’s challenges.

I would be honored to guide you through the same soul work that helped me and thousands of others to thrive.