Dear Thoughtful Girl,

So many people, young and old, make the same mistake every day. The mistake they make is thinking that the way to be happy is to be selfish, to demand things, to put themselves first, making everyone around them miserable by insisting that they get their own way. The fact is that when we act this way, we are never able to be happy, because there simply is no true happiness to be had at the expense of others.

The good news is that there is a simple way to be truly happy — deep down to the tips of your toes happy. Want to know the secret? It’s so simple that you may not believe it at first.

The secret to being happy is to put others ahead of ourselves. That means that we think about other people’s feelings and needs before we think of our own, and we make sacrifices and do things for other people without expecting a single thing in return. When we do this, in some incredible way that is impossible for us to understand, it comes back to us multiplied!

You deserve to be happy, dear girl. Now go out and be awesome!

You are so very loved.


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