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words as medicine

…the soul that we are under all of this other stuff

Dear Becoming Girl, Sometimes we choose to change, and sometimes our experiences change us. Whether we choose the changes or not, we are always becoming. We are always learning, we are always moving toward the next part of our lives. We are evolving and richening...

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Who’s the meanest girl of all??…

Dear Worthy Girl, It's no secret that there have always been mean girls, and mean girls often grow up to become mean women. But sometimes the meanest girl of all is the one in the mirror. Often we say demeaning and cruel things to ourselves that we would never...

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brave girls club - as valuable as anyone else

Change is what gets us where we need to be….

Dear Rolling-With-It Girl, Most things don't stay the same forever. They just don't. No matter how much we resist change, no matter how much we wish we could keep things exactly as they are...most things don't stay the same forever. Relationships go through ups and...

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brave girls club - it is going to be ok