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words as medicine

Rough days will come and go…keep going anyway

Dear Progressing Girl, So why is it, gorgeous friend, that when things get tough or boring, or when sacrifice is required, that we somehow think we must not be on the right path after all? Why do we doubt our path when we knew at the beginning that there would...

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Your intuition is your special gift….USE it

Dear Intuitive Girl, Everybody seems to have an opinion about your life, don't they?? Whose opinion counts?? It is so important to listen to the right voices. Many times, we must tune out almost every voice around us to be able to focus on what is true for our own...

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You are enough…time to cut yourself some slack

Dear Beloved Girl, Just rest in the truth, sweet friend, that you are enough right now. You have done enough today, and you did enough yesterday. You have enough today and you had enough yesterday. There is enough love to go around and there is enough success to go...

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Choose love, choose truth…choose LIGHT

Dear Brave Girl, Think for a bit about the nature of light. Light is something very special. Now, think about the nature of dark. Sometimes we are tricked into believing that light and darkness are equal, but they just are not. And there’s such a lesson there....

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You have a choice….you always have a choice

Dear Beautiful Girl, It is important to remember that no one has the right or the power to take away your choices, your thoughts or the essence of who you are. Lots of things in life can be taken from us, but most of the things that are most valuable cannot. The...

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