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words as medicine

You Are Still In There… Every Single Bit of You

Dear Brave Girl, You are still in there...every single bit of you. You might feel like you don't know who you are anymore, that your identity has been lost, that you are living a life that you can't even recognize or that your hopes and dreams have been sucked away...

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Be True to You

Dear Extraordinary Girl, You may have tried to fit in, and tried again, and then still again. You may have even "toned it down" enough for a while that you actually DID fit in, but it made your heart hurt and you just couldn't betray yourself for very long. It is...

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I am wanting…..

  I am wanting to be in the mountains..surrounded by the trees...near the water. I am wanting to go to bed early...and so I shall. xoxo...

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I am learning. (Again.) And learning about learning.

I am learning how to draw and paint faces. I have been painting a lot of them lately....but it's in a way that is easy for me...and I've been longing to learn more and better ways. I tried watercolor.....it was kind of a disaster. I am learning that I grow...

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You Are Just Right… and You Are Doing Your Best

Dear Phenomenal Girl, You are doing such good things, such beautiful, wonderful, and important things. Do not feel bad that you have limitations and cannot do everything you want to do, or that you make mistakes that set you back or decisions that aren't all that...

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You Were Not an Accident

Dear Amazing Girl, There really is something you were born to do. Just you. There is a plan for your life, there is a mission you were created to accomplish, and there is a life that is meant JUST for you. You were not born randomly. You were not an accident, and...

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