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words as medicine

Keep looking…beauty is there

Dear Ever-Seeking Girl, Keep looking for goodness, beauty and truth. It is worth the effort. While life is sometimes dull and gray and even downright miserable in patches, there is always even more beauty and truth than darkness and ugliness. May you find other...

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The world needs you in all of your vivid color.

Dear Beautiful Girl, There are unique little things that make YOU happy, little itty bitty things that not many people know about. And they seem so insignificant that you often overlook them, procrastinate doing them...or just plain old talk yourself out of why it...

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Sometimes all that is left is to bravely accept

Dear Courageous Girl, Sometimes things don't turn out the way we wanted them to turn out...no matter how much we have prayed, no matter how much we have planned, no matter how good we have behaved, no matter how much we have done all of the right things. What do we...

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Sometimes you just have to jump

Dear Terrific Girl, Sometimes you just have to jump. You just have to take that leap and JUMP even if you feel like you aren't ready yet. We can make a million excuses for all of the reasons why we aren't ready, why it isn't the right time yet, why we aren't up to...

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Let Go of Things that Hold You Back

Dear Fabulous Girl, To get to the very BEST things that are meant for our life, we often have to give up very GOOD things that we enjoy very much. This is the meaning of sacrifice. If we want our bodies to be healthy, we have to really control the eating of lots of...

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STAYING on the Journey Takes the Most Bravery

Dear Amazing Girl, We often think the beginning is the brave part of the journey....but it is really STAYING on the journey that takes the most bravery of all. When we let ourselves get stuck in yucky places because we are too tired to move forward, we are just...

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