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words as medicine

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

Dear Courageous Girl, Some people might say that walking away from a battle is the cowardly thing to do. But very often, it is the best and bravest thing you could ever do. How do we know when it’s time to walk away from a battle...whether it is a real human...

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There’s No Better Time Than Right Now

Dear Irreplaceable Girl, It's funny how we would never, ever in a million years let someone we love believe that they cannot be who they want to be or do what they want to do until they are a certain weight, or unless they make a certain amount of money, or live in...

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Fill Your Minutes & Days With Things That Matter

Dear Knowing Girl, When we take just a few minutes to do something that really matters to us, we can have wonderful memories in just a few minutes. When we fill a whole day with things we love, we can have a wonderful day. When we fill a whole day with things that...

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Worrying Takes Just as Much Time as Not Worrying

Dear Peace Loving Girl, It seems like we all should know this, yet we forget so easily...that worrying about something takes just as much time as not worrying about it does, yet it saps us of all of our energy and joy and hope. So why do we spend so much time...

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Take a Moment to Realize How Far You Have Come

Dear Pacing Girl, You might think that you are not getting very far on your journey through life. You may think you have not really made any progress at all. Dear girl, it’s so hard to see the road we have traveled when the sky is foggy and the day is long and we...

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A Heroine is a Girl Who Keeps on Keeping on

Dear Extraordinary Girl, There are all kinds of heroes and heroines. If we are really honest with ourselves, the kinds of heroes and heroines that inspire us and motivate us the most are the real life every day heroes and heroines. Something that every heroine has...

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Give Relationships Some Grace and Patience

Dear Patient Girl, Every so often, people we love act out of character. Kind people sometimes behave in short and terse and cold ways. Dependable people sometimes drop the ball. Happy people are sometimes sad and quiet. Nurturing people are sometimes hard to...

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Be Gentle With Yourself

Dear Merciful Girl, There are enough hard-sell tactics, massive pressure and 'not-good-enough' messages blaring out the speakers of everywhere we go in this world to last us the rest of our lives. For this reason, dear girl, it is so important to be kind and gentle...

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