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words as medicine

Having Regrets is a Vicious Cycle

Dear Joyful Girl, Having regrets is a vicious cycle that keeps us from moving into the life we are meant to live. So many of us let regrets define who we are, and let them keep us from BECOMING who we REALLY are. It's always important to do our best. It's important...

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Give Yourself the Gift of Mending Fences

Dear Big-Hearted Girl, You know that phone call you've been wanting to make, or that letter you've been feeling compelled to write? Today is the day. Give yourself the gift of mending fences, patching up old wrongs, and completely forgiving or asking for...

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Knowing When to Let Go and When to Hold On

Dear Determined Girl, Something that is hard to learn, but so important, is what to hold on to and what to let go of. Often we hold on to things long past their expiration date, or we hold on to things that we never should have grasped onto in the first place...or...

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