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words as medicine

Nothing Matters More Than Today

Dear Spectacular Girl, Your heart knows what step to take next. It may not know what step to take after that, but it does know exactly what to do next. Take it day by day. Take the step today that your gut is telling you to take. Tomorrow, take another step....

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Be You. Everyone Else is Taken.

Dear Wonderful Girl, It may look sometimes like everyone else has it all together, has the perfect life, has all of the answers and that everything comes easily to them. It's hard to keep up and to measure up and to get up when we get caught in this set of beliefs....

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You Have a Beautiful Story to Live and Tell

Dear Spectacular Girl, You can be told a million times over how incredible you are, how loved you are and how much others believe in you and yet sometimes it's just too hard to believe for yourself. Sometimes, you just need to know what is true and what is real for...

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Love for the Sake of Loving

Dear Beautiful Girl, Most people do the best they can. Most people are doing all that they can to make their way through the world and make good decisions and to love and to feel loved. Sometimes we expect more out of people than they could possibly give. Sometimes...

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Choose Your Battles Wisely

Dear Clever Girl, Brave Girls have to choose their battles. They just do. Sometimes we have to choose whether we want to be right, or whether we want to be happy. Sometimes we have to keep our opinions, grievances, and complaints to ourselves in order to love and...

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Please Rest a While

Dear Overwhelmed Girl, Do you have the completely irrational belief that so many of us have? That you can be everything to everyone, especially to those that you love? Do you believe it's your job to keep them all happy, to help them with everything that they are...

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Let’s be Good to Each Other

Dear Giving Girl,Every day you have a fresh chance to be a tremendous blessing to someone else, though it may be in ways that you don't recognize.Even if you feel like you don't have a lot to give, or that you don't have the same kinds of things to give that others...

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Hear the Voice of Your Own Truth

Dear Seeking Girl, What does truth feel like? Truth feels good and peaceful and warm, even with the truth is a hard reality. Truth is peace, and truth is light being shed on darkness. Truth eliminates confusion and loves the beauty of life, in all of its forms....

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