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words as medicine

You Are Becoming What You Were Meant To Be

Dear Lovely Girl, It is never too late. You are never too damaged, or too old, or a "has-been". There are many situations, relationships and moments that inflict the lie that our best times are past us...but we must remember what the truth is....and remember that...

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Let the pressure off

You might think there will come a day when you've got it all right.....got it all figured out....you might be trying to get there with all of your might, all the time.....exhausted in every way....and wondering how much longer the road will be to BECOMING. Dear...

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Create what you can’t find….

Dear Seeking Girl, Dreamers are not always treated with kindness and understanding. Visionaries are rarely taken seriously. People who seek for what is good and true are often scoffed, laughed at or shut down. Are you willing to dream big dreams anyway? Are you...

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Don’t Forget What You Are Capable Of

Dear Forgetful Girl,You are brilliant, you are lovely, you are funny and unique and interesting, but sometimes you are so very very forgetful, dear one. At times, you seem to just forget your amazing, gentle power, your purpose, and you seem to forget all of the...

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You have amazing ideas…please let them be born!

This is another one for all of you beautiful dreamers, creatives…makers, artists, visionaries…musicians…writers….mothers…gardeners…friends…lovers…..PEOPLE. It is in ALL of us. And this is just more about what I talked about in THIS POST. I am writing this because I...

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Choose peace

Dear Brilliant Girl, The crazy life is oh so tempting....ohhhh sooooo tempting. It is tempting to go go go and prove prove prove and seek seek seek for apPROVE-al, isn't it? It is tempting to do what everyone else is doing...and to make it shiny and sparkly and...

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You are a Marvel and the World NEEDS You

Dear Invaluable Girl, In a world where we are one of 3 billion other women, it is easy to feel like a grain of sand somewhere on a remote island.....it is easy to get discouraged and feel like we could never possibly make a difference or that we could not possibly...

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Who Cares What They Think?

Dear Fantastic Girl, There is a little secret something so amazing, so miraculous and so wonderful that we should share it with everyone we know once we learn it. The secret is that there is nothing that others can do to really hurt us from the outside when we do...

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