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words as medicine

How to Heal – (from things that aren’t true)

A beloved in my life asked me this week...very simply...HOW DO YOU HEAL? I knew what she meant....I knew she was talking about some things that no one on the outside can see....but that have been tormenting her on the inside. WHAT I KNOW...from experience...is that...

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you don’t have to carry it all alone

Dear Phenomenal Girl, Isn't it funny how we can go into panic mode about things that haven't even happened, but that we are afraid of happening? Even if we have made it through lots of hard things, maybe ESPECIALLY if we have made it through lots of hard things, we...

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Two Teenie Little Words that Change Everything

It is a brand new year. I know many of you have written and asked where I went in 2013.........why i stopped blogging. Here goes.... I think I can count on my 2 hands the amount of blog posts I have written in 2013. I have struggled to find the reasons for why I...

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