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words as medicine

Do Whatever it Takes to Hold Hands With Your Truth

Dear Stunning Girl, What does truth feel like? Truth feels good and peaceful and warm, even when the truth is a hard reality. Truth is peace and truth is light being shed on the darkness. Truth eliminates the confusion and loves the beauty of life....in all of its...

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A pretty little project that we love!

Everyone loves our chair covers when they come to the clubhouse or the art barn or camp........we thought it would be fun today to show you all of the new ones we made for camp and the art barn!!! These are SO EASY and all you have to do is put 2 pieces of fabric...

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Jealousy is a Vicious Beast That Can Steal Your Joy

Dear Soulful Girl, From the time that we are very young, we are confronted with the challenge of knowing how to deal with very good things happening to other people, but not necessarily to us, at least not those exact things, and rarely at that exact time. Jealousy...

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The Cows Came Home (Literally)

There's this whole new peace around here now that the BIG work is done...and we are in between camps........but it's definitely not quiet.....we are working on new projects already (including an INCREDIBLE new online course that you are going to LOOOOVE)....but...

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Say Yes To Yourself, To Joy, To Rest

Dear Overwhelmed Girl, Do you have the completely irrational belief that so many of us have that you can be everything to everyone, especially to those that you love? Do you believe it’s your job to keep them all happy, to help them with everything that they are...

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Quiet Time is Essential To Our Souls

Dear Gorgeous Girl, Sometimes the very best gift we can give to ourselves is a little bit of time alone.....in complete silence and complete calm. Even if it's for a little while...quiet time is essential to our souls. Our deepest truths speak in quiet little...

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(day 3) First of all....there's just no way to ever explain my feelings about last week. I wish there were words that wrapped up a whole bunch of different words like peace and comfort and love and fun and safe and fantastic and blissful and surprising and...

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Written Words Hold So Much of the Same Power

Dear Brilliant Girl, Words are powerful. It is really amazing how a grouping of sounds made with air coming through our throats, over the position of our tongue and through our teeth and lips, can have such a huge impact....it’s just air and sound waves!...

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It’s Ok to be Confused. Life is Confusing Sometimes.

Dear Confused Girl, It's ok to be confused. Life is confusing sometimes. When you sit down and try to figure some of life's mysteries out, things sometimes even get more confusing. It's easy to get caught up in wanting to know why things are happening the way they...

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