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words as medicine

Every Baby Step Toward Your Goals Counts

Dear determined girl, What if we took the time we spent thinking of excuses and put it into taking baby steps toward our goals? SO many things can be accomplished from taking little steps every single day, consistently. All of us can make baby steps, can't we? We...

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So Many Things Feel So Important … Or So Difficult

Dear Phenomenal Girl, If we could all make a habit of looking forward 5 years or so....so many things would be so much easier...we would fret so much less...we would let things go so much more quickly. Think for a bit...will it matter in 5 years? Will we be proud...

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Soul Messages Are Important

Dear Amazing Girl, There are so many things that we feel prompted to do with all of our hearts and then they don't turn out the way we imagined when our hearts were beating so fast to do them. We do things that we KNOW FOR SURE we are supposed to do. We do things...

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It Is Oh-So-Easy To Get Caught Up In The Competition

Dear Brilliant Girl, The crazy life is oh so tempting....ohhhh sooooo tempting. It is tempting to go go go and prove prove prove and seek seek seek for apPROVE-al, isn't it? It is tempting to do what everyone else is doing...and to make it shiny and sparkly and...

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