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words as medicine

You Can Find The Answers If You Just Listen

Dear Intuitive Girl, There are so many things that our bodies, our souls and even forces that we can't explain try to tell us. We have so much more information than we give ourselves credit for. A "gut instinct" is a powerful connection to the truth, and a built in...

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Notice The Little Things

Dear Good Girl, In this crazy fast world, it is so hard to find souls who understand how important it is to say thank you and who are grateful for all of the goodness that life has to offer. Not only is gratefulness one of the keys to the happiest life you can...

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Everyone Struggles… Everyone

Dear Courageous Girl, Everyone has things that they struggle with, everyone! Even grown ups are still trying to figure things out, every single day. Never get down on yourself about having struggles. We get the joy of growing when we have struggles, and we could...

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You Are Going to Be Okay

Dear Happy Girl, You are going to be ok and life is going to be ok. Others around you are going to be ok. Your parents are going to be ok and the world is going to be ok. Sometimes it seems like there are lots of troubles and lots of things to be worried about, but...

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Don’t Let Others Try To Define You

Dear Beautifully Complicated Girl, There really is no one on this entire planet who knows every single thing that you have lived through, that you have learned, that you have endured, that you have overcome, that you have feared, that you have loved, that you have...

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Learn To Trust That Feeling

Dear Learning Girl, Sometimes in the very same day, we can hear 2 or 3 messages that are completely different. We can hear that something is wrong...and the next person might say that it is sooo right. We might hear that it's healthy to do this...and then the next...

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Be Exactly Who You Are

Dear extraordinary girl, You may have tried to fit in....and tried again...and then still again. You may have even "toned it down" enough for a while that you actually DID fit in...but it made your heart hurt and you just couldn't betray yourself for very long....

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