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words as medicine

You Were Born For Something Great And Unforgettable

Dear Persistent Girl, There really is something you were born to do. Just you. There is a plan for your life, there is a mission you were created to accomplish, and there is a life that is meant JUST for you.You were not born randomly. You were not an accident, and...

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Rest is Not a Weakness

I started crying a little when I began writing this post earlier today. It has made me all wobbly and teary-eyed and emotional all day and I sort of hate that...especially when I can't shake it. That means that it's striking a chord.....and I know it is. The tears...

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Love Makes Fear Go Away

Dear Courageously Loving Girl, Fear is a tricky little blob of yuckiness that we can imagine to be such a huge and deadly beast in our minds. But really, it’s just a tricky little blob of yuckiness that is alive only because we fuel it with our imagination and the...

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There Are So Many Good Things We Can Do

Dear Colorful Girl, There are so many good things we can do in the world, but we can’t do everything. It is so very good to choose a few wonderful things and do the very best we can do at THOSE things. Practice, show up, be excited about those things. When we try...

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Have Faith In Yourself

Dear Brave Girl, You are still in there...every single bit of you. You might feel like you don't know who you are anymore, that your identity has been lost, that you are living a life that you can't even recognize or that your hopes and dreams have been sucked away...

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You Are Exactly Right

Dear Fantastic Girl, So many things in the world are telling girls that they are not just right just exactly as they are. Please don't believe it, beautiful girl. You are perfectly wonderful, and perfectly imperfect. You are quirky and amazing and sparkling. You do...

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The Little Light That Makes You Sparkle

Dear Wonderful Girl, It might surprise you to know, if you asked the people who love you most why they think you are so beautiful, that it has nothing to do with the way that you look, or the way that you dress, or the color of your hair or your eyes or your skin...

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