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words as medicine

Today Matters Most

Dear Sweet Girl, Today is the most important day ever because today is the one and only day that you have right now. Today you get to decide what you want to do, how you want to be in the world...how you wan to help and how you want to feel. Today you get to decide...

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It Is So Important To Listen To The Right Voices

Dear Lovely Girl, It is so important to listen to the right voices. Many times, we must tune out almost every voice around us to be able to focus on what is true for our own lives. Please don't give any heed at all to the useless opinions of others, beautiful...

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We Must Keep Going

Dear Brave Girl, There will be a lot of things that come along in life that will make you want to stop...to quit. Beautiful girl, just keep going. We must always pick ourselves up and keep going. You can do it...you are courageous and wonderful and your heart is...

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Being Happy Is A Daily Choice

Dear Lovely Girl, Sometimes we think that once we have something we always wanted, we will finally be happy. Sometimes we think that if we just had the right friends, we would finally be happy. Often we think that if we had something sparklier or cooler, we would...

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Self Betrayal Doesn’t Ever Lead To Happiness,

Dear Lovely Girl, Sometimes it's tempting to bend and twist and stand on our toes to change enough for certain others to like us, for us to be able to 'fit in'. Self betrayal doesn't ever lead to happiness, however, and doing things that we know in our gut are not...

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Sing Your Heart’s Song

Dear Wonderful Girl, There are so many ways that people spend their time that seem normal but are really just a big huge waste of the one beautiful life we all have. Please think about how important every minute of your life is, and don't waste it on things that...

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