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words as medicine

You Be You

Dear Sweet Girl, One of the most wonderful parts of life is that you get to be who you are, exactly who you are, which means everyone else gets to be exactly who they are. There is nothing more in life we want than the freedom to be who we are created to be, so one...

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Fears Are Mean Little Fabulists

Dear Wise Girl, Having a rough day? Stop and take a breath, and remember it's important to stick to the facts, because we often make things up in our heads that get us into a tizzy that is hard to get ourselves out of. Fears are mean little fabulists. Think about...

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Little Things Count

Dear Amazing Girl, It might seem like the little things you do, the little things you say, the little things you think are not big and important enough to make a difference, dear girl, but they absolutely are. Everything good and true and beautiful and everyone...

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Let Yourself Be Ok

Dear Valuable Girl, We all crave kindness from the center of our souls. There is something healing, beautiful and necessary about kindness, isn't there? What if the kindest thing you could ever do for YOURSELF is to simply LET YOURSELF be happy, to LET YOURSELF...

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