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words as medicine

We Have To Know Where To Change Things

Dear One of a Kind Girl, Think about what happened last week, what felt really great, and then what made you feel small. Think about the things you accomplished and the things that you wish you could go back and do a different way. Think about the things that were...

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There Is NEVER a Reason To Be Bored

Dear Sunshine Girl, Try something new, learn something important, say something kind, fight for something you believe in. Say thank you to someone, remind someone of their beauty, do something fun. Taste something yummy, clean something up, leave something better...

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Cut Yourself Some Slack, Do Better Tomorrow

Dear Beautiful Girl, You have plenty of time to figure it out. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Remember that most of us are alive for nearly 100 years, and in those 100 years, we will have lots and lots of opportunities to get things right. It is never too...

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Today is The Most Important Day

Dear Dreaming Girl, Have you ever wondered what your life will be like in a year? in five years? in ten years? even in 20 years?! It's good to plan for the future, and it's very good to have dreams about what your life will be like. It's wonderful to set goals and...

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It Is 100% Okay To Not Know Exactly What Is To Come

Dear Original Girl, There are times in our life when we wish we could see into the future, or we wish we would have had more warning about what we are currently dealing with. It is actually so perfect merciful the way most things happen. We learn about things day...

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Speak From Your Heart

Dear Beautiful Girl, You might think that others don't take you seriously yet, dear girl, but when you speak from your heart and act from your heart, when you dream and do brave things and walk tall and authentically, you inspire and teach more people than you...

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wake up!!

I can't believe all of the conversations I've had this week about people being in "transition"...life is sort of up in the air...things are pretty unpredictable...even unstable...BUT...the cool part is...when I ask people..."so what are you gonna do?" they start...

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You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

Dear Charming Girl, You are a whole lot stronger than you think you are, or than you know you are. There may be things coming up in your life that seem so scary and that you can not imagine having the bravery or strength that you need to accomplish them. One of the...

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It Is A Waste Of Our One Beautiful Life To Blame Others

Dear Courageous Girl, Something that is very difficult, but very very good, is that once we take responsibility for our own lives, miracles can happen. One of the things that keeps us stuck is when we assign blame or when we let ourselves believe that others have...

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