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words as medicine

Keep Listening For The Very Quiet Voice Of Truth

Dear Real Real Real Girl, Making the choice to live to be EXACTLY who you are, and to make choices according to your deepest convictions and your most sacred dreams and beliefs comes with some pretty typical consequences, mostly good but some very difficult. No...

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Your Worth Can’t Be Counted

Dear Shining Girl, You don't have to do ANYTHING big or important or spectacular to prove that you are lovable, wonderful or valuable. You are already wonderful. Making goals and working toward achievements is meant to help us grow, to bring us joy, and to teach us...

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Take Responsibility And Then Take Action

Dear Resilient Girl, Something that is very frustrating, very confusing and sometimes so mysterious that we often do not even know it is happening, is when we have done the brave work of walking away from things that have trapped or enslaved us, yet we sit where...

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You Are Worth Protecting

Dear Valuable Girl, You are worth protecting. You are worth defending. You are worth sticking up for. This is why those around you want what is best for you, why those who love you will always be watching out for you, protecting you, defending you and sticking up...

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The mercilessly forbidden topic…..DEPRESSION.

I am working today from home. I am not doing art. I am doing business stuff....it's not fun.......but I am sitting and I am quiet and I am working on documents and I just ran into this one from 6 years ago. MY HEART ALMOST BURST because a little birdie told me that...

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Today Is A Great Day To Decide

Dear Amazing Girl, You may have forgotten some things along the way, but that doesn't mean it's all over. There is so much time left and today is a brand new day to begin your brand new life. You may have just forgotten how strong you are. You may have forgotten...

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Big Dreams lead to Big Things

Dear Wonderful Girl, If nobody dreamed big dreams, big things wouldn't happen. If nobody believed impossible things, new and amazing things wouldn't happen. If nobody took big risks, big huge rewards just wouldn't happen. Be the one, sweet girl. Dream big dreams,...

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Do Your Best And Let That Be Enough

Dear Sunny Girl, Try not to think about all of the things that you have to do for the next year or the next month or the next week to get where you are hoping to be. Try to just think about today. Try not to get overwhelmed by big bills in your mailbox or a long...

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You Deserve To Be Happy

Dear Thoughtful Girl, So many people, young and old, make the same mistake every day. The mistake they make is thinking that the way to be happy is to be selfish, to demand things, to put themselves first, making everyone around them miserable by insisting that...

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