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words as medicine

Explore The Labels That Others May Use To Define You

Dear Fantastic Girl, Take a few moments today, dear friend, to really explore the labels that others may use to define you, or even that you may use to define yourself. Then try to be open to letting those labels go and see what happens. You see, brilliant soul,...

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You Matter. You Make A Difference.

Dear Phenomenal Girl, You matter. You make a difference. Your unique abilities, talents, and personality traits are a wonderful addition to your family, your school, and everywhere you go. What the world needs is more people who know who they are and how they can...

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Everything Always Works Out Somehow. It Just Does.

Dear Learning Girl, You don't have to put so much pressure on yourself, you know, beautiful friend. You don't have to know right now what is next, how it is all going to work out and where you will be a year from now. Trying so hard to have all of it figured out...

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Today Is The Most Important Day

Dear Sweet Girl, Today is the most important day ever because today is the one and only day that you have right now. Today you get to decide what you want to do, how you want to be in the world, how you want to help, and how you want to feel. Today you get to...

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Your Life Is Enough

Dear Important Girl, Chances are, there's a part of your heart that feels weary because of all of the things you have read, seen and heard about that are going on in other people's lives that you know, and even that you don't know. We now live in a world of...

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NEVER Minimize The Value Of YOU

Dear Beloved Girl, From the prints on the tips of your fingers and toes, to the way the flecks in your eyes catch the light in ways that have never happened in all of history, to the shape of your nose combined with the shape of your ears, to the way your laughter...

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Kindness Is So Important

Dear diligent girl, Kindness is so important...and boundaries can be kept while being kind.  You see, boundaries are SO important...critical even.  We must never allow others to identify and then abuse us where we are weak. We must not continually walk back into...

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Don’t Ever Change For Someone Else

Dear Wonderful Girl, Don't ever change for someone else into something that they want you to be so that THEY can be happier. YOU ARE YOU.  Spend time with others who love you just exactly as you are and only want what is very best for you. You are so very loved......

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