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words as medicine

Love The People Around You

Dear Unique Girl, When everything is said and done...when school is over and being a kid is over and when you are very very old...when life is almost over..........the things that will matter most to you will be the relationships that you built with other...

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Life Is All About the Journey

Dear Brilliant Girl, Life is good. Life is difficult. Life is interesting. Life is confusing. Life is crazy. Life is fun. Life is wild. Life is colorful. Life is unpredictable. Life is a gift. Life is a test. Life is about one million other things too, isn’t it?...

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You Were Born To Be YOU

Dear Sunshiney Girl, Things all around you might try to make you believe that you are not just right, just exactly as you are....but listen deep down inside of your beautiful, pure heart...and you will hear the truth that you ARE just right, just exactly as you...

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My Happy New Life as a Sometimes Hermit

  Let me start out by telling you this....I used to be a party girl....a wholesome party girl, but a party girl all the same....my number one question was always...”where is the fun?” Ok...I will show you the whole photo...this was an 80's birthday party about...

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We Have Got To Do The Things We Know To Do

Dear Sparkling Girl, Not everyone is going to understand you, or understand your ways.....not everyone is going to understand your heart, your tenderness, your intentions. Not everyone is going to "get" you. Not everyone is going to appreciate you. Not everyone is...

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An artsy trash can??? Why not?

Hi, friends! We are in the middle of making BIG changes to our Clubhouse, and we have lots of blog posts planned to show you some of the projects we have planned, as well finally showing you the details on some of the fun and funky things we already have there! I...

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Look On The Bright Side

Dear Bright Girl, Looking on the bright side is one of the most amazing habits any person could ever have. Seeing the positive, and the beauty and the blessings in every situation is truly a choice, and a wonderful habit to get into. We can all either choose to see...

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