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words as medicine

You Know So Much More Now Than You Used To Know

Dear Fantastic Girl, You know so much more now than you used to know. You have gained so much more strength than you used to have. You are so much more courageous than you used to be. You are so much wiser than you used to be. How did you get there? Well......

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Give Yourself Some Grace

Dear more than enough girl, One of the most painful traps we can ever fall into and become a victim of...is the ENOUGH trap. This is a trap with an ugly cycle that never ends....no matter how much we do, how hard we work, how much we have, how much we try....it is...

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Bast Your Life On Things That Are NOT Temporary

Dear loving girl, If we could carefully base our lives on things that are not temporary, we could find so much peace in every minute and life would be so much more fun, too! Something every soul wants is to have something to hold on to, but sometimes we hold on to...

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The complexities of mothering a girl….

I just found a quote as I was researching a bit about the very complex, very important relationship of mothers and daughters...and it pretty much summed up everything I have learned while writing the curriculum for our mother/daughter class....and while DOING the...

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Be Who You Want To Be

Dear Irreplaceable Girl, It's funny how we would never, ever in a million years let someone we love believe that they can not be who they want to be or do what they want to do until they are a certain weight, or unless they make a certain amount of money, or live...

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Take An Active Approach and Do What You CAN Do

Dear Courageous Girl, When you have done all that you can do, sometimes you are left in a place where you just have to wait. Waiting is painful, waiting is hard. It's perhaps one of the hardest skills we will ever have to develop in our lifetimes. What if your...

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