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words as medicine

Don’t Let Painful Things Eat Away At Your Soul

Dear Phenomenal Girl, Is there something that is eating at you? Is there something that you are having a hard time moving past, and you are just shoving it down and down and down to avoid it? Painful things grow when you shove them down into the darkness. Painful...

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Do What’s Best For you

Dear honorable girl, The very best thing you can ever, ever do for your heart and your soul is to leave people, places, and situations better than you found them, even if those things did they best they could to leave you in a not-so-desirable position. YOU have...

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You Are The One Who Decides Your Happiness

Dear clever girl, Sometimes we have to choose whether we want to be right, or whether we want to be happy. Sometimes we have to keep our opinions, grievances, and complaints to ourselves in order to love and respect others who are important to us. It doesn't make...

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Remember Happiness

Dear wonderful girl, Remember how it feels to laugh, to play and to make fun memories. You can do this. You are worth this. You are SO LOVED! xoxo.

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Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going

Dear wonderful girl, If you were going along great and then you messed up, or something came along and messed you up, don't you dare even think about quitting! All you've got to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start over again tomorrow. This is a...

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Don’t Run Around Making Yourself Crazy

Dear lovely girl, Please don't run around making yourself crazy by complicating things that don't need to be complicated. Look around and SEE the beauty and truth that is there for you to enjoy and take part, there to give you peace. LOVE THE LIFE YOU ARE IN. There...

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Everything Happens For A Reason

Dear incredible girl, Remember that everything happens exactly when it's supposed to happen, lasts exactly as long as it's supposed to last, and teaches us exactly what we need to learn. Embrace the in-between of your time from "here to there" and learn everything...

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what if I can’t? …a conversation with myself…

    Do you ever get totally overdone.....cooked.....to the point where you are just sort of nuts and you can not cope with things that you normally do quite beautifully with? Might be because you have been overworking because you took on 3 design jobs...

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