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words as medicine

Listen To Your Soul and Keep Moving Forward

Dear Seeking Girl, Listen to those gentle and not-so-gentle pushes that your soul is trying to communicate. Moving on is important....if we don't move forward, we stay stuck. It's like a stream...or a river...when it stops moving, it gets mucky and...

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Do The Work Necessary To Learn

Dear Beloved Girl, When we do the work necessary to learn who we really are in spite of who the world may tell us we are, we can find the love and acceptance we so need, whether we have other people in our lives or not. We simply do not NEED to have constant...

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Let Go Of Old Garbage From Your Past

Dear Beautiful Girl, It doesn't make us weak to let go of old garbage from our past...whether it's years ago or whether it was yesterday. It doesn't make us weak to forgive and forget and move on.......it is a sign of strength and character and of taking control of...

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Today Is Your Day

Dear Shining Girl, Let each day go and be done with it. TODAY is your day. TODAY is THE day, the very most important day of your life right now. Let yesterday go and start over fresh....... xoxo

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