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words as medicine

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Dear Phenomenal Girl, It’s time to cut yourself some slack, dear friend. Hug each part of your past and tell that girl that you are proud of all that she has endured, overcome and created. Tell that girl that she did the best that she could do and that it was...

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Change Your Outlook For The Better

Dear Influential Girl, When life feels overwhelming, upsetting or grim...we can instantly change our outlook on things by getting out and serving someone else. Somehow, when we turn our focus to someone else, and especially to making their load lighter, or their...

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i have an idea….

When we first got the c-r-a-z-y idea to make a warehouse into a studio, I made this ENORMOUS piece of art.... And Mr. Ross got help to hang it up in our new studio... At Brave Girls Club we LOVE ideas....especially big ideas....for us there is no such thing as an...

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Embrace Your Story, You Are One-Of-A-Kind

Dear One-of-a-Kind Girl, ...please embrace your story. All that you have lived through makes you the beautiful, complex, interesting and wonderful girl that you are today. Someday you will even understand why it had to happen the way it happened.....but for now,...

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There Is So Much Peace To Be Found

Dear Patient Girl, So much beautiful peace comes when we finally learn that there is SO much more to life than trying to have everything, be everything and do everything. When we can stop and take things in, one at a time, each little thing that we are focusing on...

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If you've been to Brave Girl Camp, then you've met my mom, Myrna Jean, and you know what she's like.  She's 75 years old, sweet, serving, kind and never seems to run out of energy (if she does, she doesn't let on to it).  There's a running joke in our family that...

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Look At The World Through Your Beautiful Wise Eyes

Dear Wise Girl, If you are ever in a place in your life and it feels like things are being torn from you one at a time....until it feels as though you are stripped down to nothing...please, dear friend, see it through those beautiful wise eyes of yours. See this...

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Be Brave Today

Dear Incredible Girl, Be brave today and do something that puts a smile on your face... just for the sake of doing it. xoxo.

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