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words as medicine

Social Media Rehab….Day 21ish (or day ONE)

They say that after 21 days, you have created a new habit.  The new habit that I am attempting to create is to live through my skin, my eyes and my hands instead of through a screen. This is something that I know for sure for sure for sure is happening....day by...

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Facebook Rehab…Day 14ish

So last week....we took the social networking break to a whole new level...and I gave my phone to my assistant because my phone does everything my computer does, and had her change my password to my email account and only sign me in for 15 minutes at a time. She...

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Come on……….come with me!!!

It's time for Soul Restoration 2! Tomorrow, Tuesday June 7, we start SOUL RESTORATION PART 2....I totally want you to come along on this adventure with me!! WHY? Because it is going to be SO FUN..and because I know for sure that it will enrich your life. TOO BUSY,...

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What it’s like….

* ALL OF THE PHOTOS IN THIS POST ARE BY PHOTOGRAPHER EXTRAORDINAIRE, Maria Simpson So.........I really had an unforgettable week. I hope you did too. It is pretty amazing all of the stuff you can pack into one week when you carefully choose how you will spend your...

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Capturing a Soul on Film….Mr. Ross

Sometimes I just sit and stare at him while he is watching t.v. or fixing something. I am really SEEing the gray hairs coming in his beard and the really big & deep lines on the sides of his eyes that have come from so much smiling and laughing.  I absolutely...

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Dear Trees…I want you to teach me….

I have long known that the trees, the forest........any group of trees....those are my people. :)  Last week when Lara picked me up at the airport and we started the drive to her "magic forest"...I had no idea what to expect...but it exceeded all of my...

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