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words as medicine

I am taking a 90 day Facebook break….

Hello beautiful friends!! Here’s the deal. I am taking a 90 day break from Facebook. Going into a Facebook Rehab, of sorts....with all of the blessings and beauty and connection that Facebook provides, I have found for me, at this time in my life, that it has...

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Hello Beautiful Souls! I wanted to share something with you that I just found in my journal from long ago... This is a rough-earned lesson I learned a while back......thank goodness. But it is also a lesson that I often forget when I am feeling weak and...

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3pm Dance Party… And You’re Invited!!!

WOOOHOOOO!!! Guess what we've been doing for the last month!?!?! (and guess what is a total blast???) 3pm Dance Parties!!! We want to invite you to participate in the fun!!! (and you can be in a movie to show all of your friends and family!!!) Here's the simple...

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