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words as medicine

You see what?

I had an experience a month or so ago that I am glad that I documented with my camera. It was a huge A-HA moment that caught me by surprise, but that filled me with so much joy that it changed my heart...reminded my heart...reminded ME that this whole big huge...

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 100 Things to be Thankful For!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We know it's kinda long....but WE PROMISE you will enjoy watching this wonderful video....you might just find YOUR name in here somewhere!!!! We fit everyone in that we could!!! For Thanksgiving, as a gift to all of you, we made a video...

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Sample Messages…more coming soon!

Friends!!!! If you are planning on doing the HOLIDAY CHALLENGE explained in the post right under this one.....here are some sample messages...more will be added on the afternoon of Thanksgiving....just print them out, cut them out and pass them out!!!! SO MUCH...

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The BGC Superfun Holiday Challenge

Ok friends!!! This is going to be super fun!!! A super fun way to spend the day after Thanksgiving and make a big difference...a super fun thing to do with your friends and family....and a super fun thing to do with people you hardly know. WE HAVE DONE THIS!!! We...

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Have you seen this???

Hundreds and Hundreds of you have already signed up for our SOUL RESTORATION workshop starting in January....but lots of you lovelies WANT to do it but are worried about being an artist...make sure you watch this video if you are having those feelings..... Wanted...

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Dig While You Wait…then just keep diggin’

Dig While You Wait...then just keep diggin' PART 1 Sometimes disappointing things happen and you just have to think back to all of the disappointments in life that turned out for the very best. We are doing that with as much enthusiasm as possible right now....

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How to Stay Young and Beautiful

I just want to tell you a few wonderful things I have learned this year. Please stick with me here as I go to some kind of negative places at first.....because it all turns around in the end. Being a woman is sometimes just really difficult, ya know? This will be...

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