Some of Melody's Writing

Not only has Melody authored several published books that are collected and enjoyed throughout the world, the "daily truth" emails she writes and sends out each weekday through Brave Girls Club are received by tens of thousands of women everywhere. Melody's honest and heartfelt online writing also has a worldwide audience that has grown and continues to grow since she started blogging in 2006. 

Here are some samples of her writing that the world has grown to love:

"You Will Fly Again" image An article about finding your wings after you may have thought they were lost forever. Click here to read.

"Seeing Past What it Seems" image A commentary about the unknown cruelties we can do to each other when we fail to see what is truly going on in each other's lives behind closed doors. Click here to read.

"A Love Letter to Artists" image A little post to lift up and encourage those who are needing to shut everything else out and let their creations be born. Click here to read.

"Woolen Socks" imageA memoir about a Christmas miracle when my children taught me that the little things in life really are the big things. Click here to read.

"Life is A Tree" imageA story of tremendous heartbreak turning into everything good and true that it was always meant to become. Click here to read.

"The Fear of Being Awesome" imageA commentary on the crazy fear we have of living up to our own potential. Click here to read.

A Little Bird Told Me... (daily truth)
Each day, tens of thousands of women recieve a "daily truth" email from Brave Girls Club...these beautiful little written pieces are anticipated and loved by their recipients, and Melody receives countless thank-you's from all over the world for the daily boost that they are a few samples of the daily truths that subscribers receive in their inbox every weekday, without fail. 

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Dear Phenomenal Girl... imageIt is absolutely awe inspiring to see the woman that you are becoming. Through all that you have learned, all that you have experienced, all that you have cried over, all that has brought you to your knees, and all that you have have become an absolute miracle of a human being... (read more)

Dear Joyful Girl... imageYou never know when the little steps are going to be the very steps that turn things around for you, so never think that small steps are insignificant... (read more)

Dear Fantastic Girl... imageSomeone's got to dream the big dreams...or the big stuff won't happen.....someone's got to fix the stuff that's wrong, or it will continue to get worse....someone's got to be wise and experienced...or there will be no one to turn to when the wisdom is needed. Who will it be?...(read more)

Dear Soulful Girl imageFrom the time that we are very young, we are confronted with the challenge of knowing how to deal with very good things happening to other people, but not necessarily to least not those exact things, and rarely at that exact time... (read more)