What I Teach

Soul Restoration 1
Soul Restoration 1 is an online course that has been described over and over as beautifully healing and even life-changing for thousands of women from all over the world. This is a 8-week course that runs several times yearly that is written and taught by Melody.
In Soul Restoration 1, you will learn the art of  ‘soul crafting’ (creative art projects, collage, journaling, etc.) including fun & effective methods to help you get unstuck, back on track, and restored to your best self!

This enjoyable and powerful workshop is designed to help you really really think and hear your own soul again…to help you remember what brings you the most joy, to realize & remember all of the things that you are good at and that make your heart sing…to get back on track and to unleash the courage and motivation to stay on track….to reunite with your soul.

This workshop is a method of helping you become reacquainted with your deepest self through remembering and reuniting with your inner ‘Truth-Teller’. You will be helped to discern truth from lies…lies that can be holding you back and making you feel less than who you really are…to remember your dreams, your potential, your gifts and talents, all the possibilities and unique answers for your life (because it is different for each of us).

Soul Restoration is intended to help every woman heal her past, confront old beliefs that have been holding her back, then find and keep the bravery needed to stay joyfully true to her own path.
It has been said that every woman alive will benefit tremendously from this course. You can find more details and when the next class starts HERE.


Life Art A la Carte
Life Art A La Carte is our online classroom full of creative art+life workshops I teach that are designed to make life make our hearts feel make our days go help us to become even better versions of who we already are.
Do you have a few hours to be artsy and introspective? There will be workshops for you that you can complete in just a few hours.

Are you ready to dig deep for several weeks and make big shifts through art and journaling....but you just need to be guided through the process, week-by-week with structured curriculum? There will be workshops for this, too!
You will find an incredible selection of oh-so-fabulous new classes, with new ones popping up as soon as they are ready......from incredible little mini-workshops to lengthy and beautiful weeks-long will find something to love in the Life Art A La Carte classroom.

To learn more about Life Art A La Carte and to sign up for the newsletter, click HERE.





Soul Restoration 2
A note from Melody about Soul Restoration 2:    

“Are you ready to move forward? I AM!! Soul Restoration 1 got us all unstuck, healed and on track…and now we are ready to fly!
Join me and the fabulous Brave Girls Club team as we take you through a super fun, effective and artsy journey to create the life that you really, truly want…the life that is intended for you…and a life that you will love!

Through art and projects, we will be making tools that will help you identify your goals, commit to your goals and break your goals down into bit sized chunks…and before you know it, you will be doing all of the things you’ve always wanted to do.

NO MORE EXCUSES, ok? I’m putting my excuses away….I am ready to feel ELATED at the end of each day because of how I spent my time, I am ready to do what it takes to live the life that I truly want to be living. I am ready to stop wasting time, stop procrastinating and make a REAL PLAN. I know you are ready too….LET’S DO THIS!”

Soul Restoration is a 6-Week online course, written and taught by Melody, that runs several times throughout the year and has had thousands of happy participants from all over the world. To learn more about Soul Restoration 2 and to see when the next class starts, click HERE.

Want to see how much fun we have making our online classes? Watch this outtakes video...


Brave Girl Camp

At Brave Girl Camp, Melody teaches a combination of curriculum for Soul Restoration 1 & 2 classes, in a condensed form...mixed with everyone at camp teaching each other how to just BE and to just let go of titles and expectations and labels. Brave Girls from all over the world spend time together on sofas discussing the lessons, then enjoy the rest of the days and evenings in the art room...letting the lessons soak in and come to fruition in whatever form of art they show up.  Melody says that Brave Girl Camp is a wonderful place to teach, because she learns so much from being face to face and heart to heart with the other brave girls. She wishes every woman she knows could come to camp at least once in their lifetime.

To learn more about Brave Girl Camp and to register or sign up for a waiting list to attend camp, click HERE.